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International Journals

Souman JL, Borra T, de Goijer I, Schlangen LJM, Vlaskamp BNS, Lucassen MP (2018). Spectral tuning of white light allows for strong
   reduction in melatonin suppression without changing illumination level or color. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 33 (4), August 2018
   420–431,DOI: 10.1177/0748730418784041. pdf

Lucassen M, Lambooij M, Sekulovski D, Vogels I (2018). Spatio-chromatic sensitivity explained by post-receptoral contrast.
  Journal of Vision;18(5):13. doi: 10.1167/18.5.13. link

Kirchner E, Dekker N, Lucassen M, Njo L, Lans van der I, Urban P, Huertas R (2015). How psychophysical methods influence
   optimizations of color difference formulae. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 32 (3), 357-366.

Lucassen MP, Gevers T, Gijsenij A, Dekker N (2013). Effects of chromatic image statistics on illumination induced color differences.
   Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 30 (9), 1871–1884. pdf

Toet A, Henselmans M, Lucassen MP, Gevers T (2011). Emotional effects of dynamic textures. i-Perception, 2 (9), 969–991. pdf

Lucassen MP, Gevers T, Gijsenij A (2011). Texture affects color emotion, Color Research and Application, 36, 426-436. pdf

Vazquez E, Gevers T, Lucassen MP, van de Weijer J, Baldrich R (2010). Saliency of Color Image Derivatives:
   A Comparison between Computational Models and Human Perception, Journal of the Optical Society of America A,
   27, 613-621. pdf

Gijsenij A, Gevers T, Lucassen MP (2009). Perceptual analysis of distance measures for color constancy algorithms,
   Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 26, 2243-2256.

Lucassen MP, Bijl P, Roelofsen J (2008). The perception of static colored noise: detection and masking described by CIE94.
   Color Research and Application, 33, 178-191. pdf

Vladusich T, Lucassen MP, Cornelissen FW (2007). Brightness and Darkness as Perceptual Dimensions.
   PLoS Comput Biol 3(10): e179

Vladusich T, Lucassen MP, Cornelissen FW (2006). Edge integration and the perception of brightness and darkness.
   Journal of Vision, 6(10), 1126-1147,, doi:10.1167/6.10.12.

Vladusich T, Lucassen MP, Cornelissen FW (2006). Do cortical neurons process luminance or contrast to encode surface
   properties? Journal of Neurophysiology, 95, 2638-2649. pdf

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (2005). Separate Processing of Chromatic and Achromatic Contrast in Color Constancy.
   Color Research and Application, 30, 172-185. pdf

Toet A, Lucassen MP (2004). A new universal colour image fidelity metric. Displays, 24, 197-204. pdf

Spitzer D, Gottenbos R,  van Hensbergen P, Lucassen M (1996). A novel approach to color matching of automotive coatings,
   Progress in Organic Coatings, 29, 235-238. pdf

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (1996). Color constancy under natural and artificial illumination. Vision Research, 37, 2699-2711. pdf

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (1993). Quantifying color constancy: evidence for nonlinear processing of cone-specific contrast.
   Vision Research, 33, 739-757. pdf

Theeuwes J, Lucassen MP (1993). An adaptation-induced pop-out in visual search. Vision Research, 2353-2357. pdf

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (1990). Evaluation of a simple method for color monitor recalibration.
   Color Research and Application, 15, 321-326. pdf

Book Chapters

Lucassen MP. Color Vision. In: Gevers Th, Gijsenij A, van de Weijer J and Geusebroek J-M (Authors), Color in Computer Vision:
   Fundamentals and Applications (The Wiley-IS&T Series in Imaging Science and Technology), July 2012. link

Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM, van Megen R. Color classification of veal carcasses. In: Caivano JL and del Pilar Buera M (Eds),
   Color in Food, Technological and Psychophysical Aspects,  CRC Press 2012.

Walraven J, Benzschawel T, Rogowitz BE, Lucassen MP (1991). Testing the contrast explanation of color constancy. In:
   Valberg A & Lee BB (Eds), From Pigments to Perception, (pp. 369-378). New York: Plenum Press.  


Lucassen M, Sekulovski D, Borra T (2019). Smartphone based measurement of melanopic daylight efficacy ratio. 
   Color Imaging Conference CIC27, Paris, France. pdf

Lucassen M, Borra T, Souman J, Schlangen L (2017). Maxwell's spot measurements in changing white light spectra. 
   Journal of Vision 17 (10), 647. pdf

Borra T, Lucassen M, Schlangen L & Souman J (2017). Short wavelength light increases pupil constriction and visual acuity at
   equiluminance. ECVP, Berlin, Germany. pdf

Blahová J, Kirchner E, Dekker N, Lucassen M, Lan Njo L, Lans van der I, Urban P , Huertas R. (2015). Goniochromatic
  difference  between effect coatings: is the whole more than the sum of its parts? SPIE Electronic Imaging.

Dekker N, Lucassen M, Kirchner E, Urban P, Huertas R (2014). Mathematical limitations when choosing psychophysical methods:
   geometric versus linear grey scales.
Proc. SPIE 9018, Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance, 90180G (February
    24, 2014); doi:10.1117/12.2042316.

Kirchner E, Njo L, Lucassen M (2013). Calculating verbal descriptions of color difference components. AIC 2013 (Newcastle upon Tyne,
   England). pdf

Lucassen MP, Gevers Th, Dibeklioglu H (2012). The effect of smile and illumination color on age estimation from faces.
   Poster ECVP 2012 Alghero (Italy). pdf

Toet A, Tak S, Lucassen MP, Gevers Th (2012). Behind every strong man there is a strong background: The effect of natural 
   background textures on facial evaluation. Poster ECVP 2012 Alghero (Italy). pdf

Lucassen MP, Gevers Th, Gijsenij A  (2011). Color fidelity of chromatic distributions by triad illuminant comparison. Proc IVMSP 2011
   (Ithaca, NY, USA), 1-6. pdf slides

Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM, van Megen R (2010). Color classification of veal carcasses: past, present and future, Proc AIC 2010
   (Mar del Plata, Argentina), 120-123. pdf slides

Lucassen MP, Gevers Th, Gijsenij A  (2010). Adding texture to color: quantitative analysis of color emotions, Proc. CGIV 2010
   (Joensuu, Finland), 5-10. pdf. Watch a video of the presentation (20 min)

Lucassen MP, Gijsenij A, Gevers Th (2008). Chromatic distribution affects color constancy, Poster ECVP 2008,
   Utrecht (Netherlands), pdf

Gijsenij A, Gevers Th, Lucassen MP (2008). A Perceptual Comparison of Distance Measures for Color Constancy Algorithms,
   Proc. ECCV'08, Marseille (France), Part I, LNCS 5302, 208–221. pdf

Lucassen MP, Gijsenij A, Gevers Th (2008). Comparing objective and subjective error measures for color constancy, Proc. CGIV 2008
   (Terrassa, Spain). pdf

Toet A, Hogervorst M, Lucassen M (2007). Own the Night with Flying Colors: Towards Ergonomic Full Color Multiband Night Vision
   Systems, HFM-141 Symposium Human Factors and Medical Aspects of Day/night all Weather Operations: Current Issues and Future
   Challenges, 23-25 april, Crete (Greece).

Toet A, Hogervorst M, Lucassen M (2007). Towards Cognitive Image Fusion, HFM-141 Symposium Human Factors and Medical
   Aspects of Day/night all Weather Operations: Current Issues and Future Challenges, 23-25 april, Crete (Greece).

Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM (2006). Dynamic Simulation of Color Blindness for Studying Color Vision Requirements in Practice.
   Proc. CGIV 2006 (Leeds, UK), 355-358. pdf

Bijl P, Lucassen MP, Roelofsen J. (2005) Identification in static luminance and color noise. In: Gerald C. Holst (ed). Infrared
   Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XVI Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 5784. p 35-41.

Lucassen MP, Bijl P (2004). The CIE94 Colour difference formula for describing visual detection thresholds in static noise.
   Proceedings CGIV 2004. pdf

Toet A, Lucassen MP (2003). A universal color image quality metric. Proc. SPIE Vol. 5108, p. 13-23, Visual Information Processing
   XII; Zia-ur Rahman, Robert A. Schowengerdt, Stephen E. Reichenbach; Eds.

Lucassen MP (2002). An example of applied colour vision research: the conspicuity of airplane colour. Proceedings CGIV 2002, 73-76.

Kooi FL, Lucassen MP (2001). Visual comfort of binocular and 3-D displays. In: B. E. Rogowitz & T. N. Pappas (Eds.), Human
   Vision and electronic Imaging VI, Proceedings of SPIE . Bellingham, WA, USA: SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering.
   (pp 586-591).

Lucassen MP (2000). Application of smoothest reflectance functions for the visualization of spectral changes due to the illuminant.
   Proceedings First International Conference on Color in Graphics and Image Processing", 41-44. pdf

Lucassen MP (1993). Quantitative studies of color constancy. PhD thesis. University of Utrecht .

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (1993). Quantifying human color constancy. Proceedings IS&T and SID's Color Imaging Conference:
   Transforms & Transportability of Color, Scottsdale (Arizona), 60-63.

Walraven J,  Lucassen MP (1990). Color constancy in an RGB world. Proceedings Eurodisplay '90, Amsterdam, 112-115. Berlin:
   VDE Verlag.  

TNO Technical Reports

Lucassen MP, Toet A (2007). Optical countermeasures against CLOS weapon systems: a literature survey (Report TNO-DV-2007

Lucassen MP (2006), Kleurbepaling van vleeskalveren: een desk study. TNO Rapport DV3 2006-C048.

Lucassen MP, Varkevisser J, Cremers AFL, Kranenborg K, van Esch MP, van Verseveld OH (2006). Realisatie,
   implementatie en evaluatie van de TNO VisionScreener. TNO Report DV3 2006-A078.

Lucassen MP (ed), Hogervorst MA, Veltman JA, Vos WK, Drullman R, Kessens J (2006). Multi-modal measurement of
   workload indicators. TNO Report DV3 2006-B079.

Lucassen MP, Toet A (2006). TNO VisorSimulator : a tool supporting the spectral design of  laser eye protection filters. TNO Report
   DV3 06-C012.

Kranenborg K, Rypkema JA, Lucassen MP (2005). Expert review Loonaangifte via PDF. TNO Rapport TNO-DV3 2005-C 087.

Lucassen MP, Advisering kleurmeting en beoordeling bij “The Wall”, TNO memo DV3 2005 M-007.

Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM (2005). Field investigation into maritime colour vision requirements. TNO report TNO-DV3 2005-C
   001E. more info

Toet A, Lucassen MP, van der Leden N, Wennemers AS, van der Hoeven M (2005). Flight simulator experiments and eye
   movement analysis for LEP design: final results. TNO Rapport TNO-DV3 2005-C 018.

Ruijsendaal M, van de Ven JGM, Lucassen MP (2004). Expert review Winstaangifte per pdf. Memo TM-04-M047.

Ruijsendaal M, Cremers AHM, Lucassen MP (2004). Expert review eVat Online. Memo TM-04-M045.

Lucassen MP, van der Leden N (2003). Verblindingshinder door veiligheidskleding “van Gansewinkel”. TNO Rapport TM-03-C052

Cremers AHM, Streefkerk JW, Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM (2003). Usability evaluation digital television application (ISA
   2.0). TNO Rapport TM-03-C045.

Lucassen MP, Bijl P (2003). Invloed van de kleurstelling op de waarneembaarheid van de PC-7. TNO Rapport TM-03-A024.

Cremers AHM, Alferdinck JWAM, Lindenberg J, Lucassen MP (2003). Expertreview Belastingdienst site. Memo TNO-TM 2003-

de Vries SC, Lucassen MP (2002). Movie compression using FrontEnd’s  LQP colour quantization and library look-up methods.
   TNO-report TM-02-C064.

Walraven J, Lucassen MP, Alferdinck JWAM, Kooi FL (2002). Geautomatiseerde visuele keuring; ontwikkeling van
   gecomputeriseerde tests voor de TNO VisionScreener. TNO-report TM-02-A044.

Lucassen MP, Kooi FL, IJspeert JK (2002). Visual evaluation of differences between effect coatings. TNO-report TM-02-C048.

Cremers AHM (ed), Kooi FL, Lindenberg J, van Leeuwen DA, Lucassen MP, Neerincx MA, Ruijsendaal M, van Veen HAHC,
   Waals JAJS. ICT Services in the home environment: State-of –the-art interface technology. Memo TNO-TM 2002-M048.

Lucassen MP, de Vries SC (2002). A prototype for image compression. TNO-report TM-02-C007.

Lucassen MP (2001). Visualisation of the effects of laser eye protection filters on colour perception. TNO-report TM-01-A059.

Lucassen MP (2001). Opvallendheid van de kleurstelling van de PC-7. Rapport 01-A049 TNO Technische Menskunde.

Lucassen M, Toet A, Witus G (Turing Associates) (2000). Proposal for Research and Development of Advanced Image
   Compression Methods and Prototype Software. Memo TNO-TM 2000-M050.

Kooi FL, Lucassen MP, Hogervorst MA (2000). Het effect van "Road View" filter op de visuele opvallendheid in het wegbeeld.
   Memo TNO-TM 2000-M08, 24.02.2000.

Walraven J, Lucassen MP (1992). Optimalisering van de kleurweergave bij een false-colour helderheidsversterker. TNO report

Walraven J, Lucassen MP (1991). Kleurtabellen voor de electronische zeekaart (ECDIS); aanpassing van de RGB specificaties aan
   de fosfor- en luminantiekarakteristieken van het kleurenbeeldscherm. TNO report 1991-M8.

Lucassen MP, Walraven J (1990). Evaluation of a simple method for color monitor recalibration. TNO report 1990-B4.


Lucassen M, Borra T, Sekulovski D (2020). Light melanopic activity indicator. WO2020048908A1. pdf

Borra T, Lucassen M, Sekulovski D (2019). Light melanopic activity indicator. WO2019134841A1. pdf

Borra T, Schlangen L, Souman J, Lucassen M (2018). Lighting system that maintains melanopic lux levels at the eye regardless of
   distance to user. WO2018210636A1
. pdf

Schlangen L, Borra T, Souman J, Lucassen M (2018). Lighting system that maintains the melanopic dose during dimming or color
   tuning. WO2018130403A1
. pdf

Spitzer D, Lucassen MP (2001). Method for colour matching by means of an electronic imaging device. WO0125737. link

Popular Media (radio, TV, Dutch magazines)

Radio broadcast Evers Staat Op, July 3, 2014. Dutch soccer team has more change to win in blue shirts. mp3

Lucassen MP (2014). Verslag AIC kleurcongres "Bringing Colour to Life". KleurenVisie, 67 (1), 31-33. pdf

Radio broadcast Evers Staat Op, May 20, 2014. Dutch Orange shirts most feminine color. mp3 (in Dutch)

Lucassen MP (2014). What is color? Video entry for The Flame Challenge 2014. play video (3:51)

Lucassen MP (2013). Kleuronderscheidingsvermogen, stoornissen en relevantie voor de praktijk. Quintesse 2013 (2).

Lucassen MP, Gevers T (2012). Gekleurd licht en lachen geeft gezichten een andere leeftijd. KleurenVisie, 65 (1), 24-26. pdf

Appearance on Dutch TV show 'Altijd Wat', broadcast of June 12, 2012. Feit-of-fictie: blauw gras. video

Lucassen MP (2011). Konica-Minolta Seminar: Kleurmeting in de praktijk. KleurenVisie, 64 (2), 24-25. pdf

Lucassen MP, Gevers T (2011). New York color emotions. KleurenVisie, 64 (1), 21-24. pdf

Lucassen MP (2011). Verslag AIC kleurcongres Argentinie. KleurenVisie, 63 (2), 24-26. pdf

Lucassen MP (2010). Kleurassociatie. Kleur & Stijl, 17, 50. pdf

Lucassen MP, Gevers T (2010). De rol van kleur bij het zoeken naar beelden. KleurenVisie, 63 (1), 16-18. pdf

Lucassen MP (2009). Kleurenblindheid. Kleur & Stijl, 13, 48-49. pdf

Lucassen MP (2009). Licht en Kleur. Kleur & Stijl, 12, 74. pdf

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